Measuring is knowing. We all want our employees to be the healthiest and most energetic versions of themselves. However, it is not so easy to know where exactly the ‘growth margin’ is. To get an accurate view on the physical, mental and professional condition of your team and/or organization, you will find quick and useful tests or scans that will help you a long way.

Human Capital Scan

What’s my human capital score? What gives my employees energy, and what in particular causes them stress? How can my employees become physically and mentally stronger? What motivates them and leads to good and improved work results? How can they develop themselves better and find greater satisfaction?

Age test

‘You’re as old as you feel,’ says the witticism. But just how old is that? The unique Wellbeing works age test measures the impact of your employees’ lifestyle on their biological age. A quick and convenient way to get an idea of how the physical and mental health of your team is doing.

Good Work Goals

How healthy is your company? Choose a sustainable wellbeing policy! We use the ‘Ten Good Work Goals’ to advise companies how to create workplaces that value good employees and foster good working environments. We promote the message that people need to be prioritised to benefit the health of the economy, the environment, and society as a whole. The goals underline that good working environments are a clear corporate responsibility, not just in times of stability and prosperity, but especially in times of crisis and recovery – such as the world is now experiencing as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.