Wellbeing assistance cares for people in their most difficult days. We help and support companies and their employees when confronted with a major event.

In concrete terms, this is what you can expect from Wellbeing assistance:
b tonic burnhout
Burn-out counselling

Counselling for burnout and work reintegration after prolonged absence.

b tonic psycho
Psychosocial counselling

Support for stress, anxiety, burnout, COVID-19-related problems and work reintegration after prolonged absence.

b tonic rouw
Grief counselling

Help in coping with the death of a loved one.

b tonic trauma
Trauma counselling

Assistance with any symptoms, negative feelings or stress responses resulting from a shocking or traumatic event.

Need help? For your company or your employees?

Besides counselling, you can also contact us for these tools:

  • Scans: Wellbeing assistance has two validated scans available. The Trauma Scan and the Burn-out Scan are two easy-to-use tools that indicate whether and to what extent your employees need professional help.
  • Simulation: your employees can use a simulation on Gonna.be to gain insight into their financial situation after illness or an accident.


These handy tools put your employees on track towards a healthy, happy and secure future.