If your employee loses a loved one, their world comes to a standstill. And your company will be affected should one of your own employees pass away.

The grieving process is intense, and there’s no set way to overcome it: mourning involves a period of feeling down and getting back up again. So a helping hand to provide the necessary support and guidance is sure to be welcome. Our grief counsellors can offer professional advice to help the bereaved through these difficult times. 

Could an employee benefit from personal counselling? Or is there a need for group support?

Baloise Insurance supports bereaved relatives of deceased customers in the grieving process, with free group insurance to enlist the help of professional grief counsellors.

Because as well as the practical, administrative and financial concerns already covered by funeral insurance, the loss of a loved one is an emotional roller-coaster for the bereaved. Support at such a profound time in someone’s life is invaluable.

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Request a free consultation with one of our grief counsellors

Every grieving process is different, and every mourner has different needs. Are you experiencing difficulty? Struggling with something? Need to talk to someone? Request your consultation here. Our grief counsellors are on hand to offer professional advice and support you in your loss in the best way possible.

'For some time now, we have been striving to move away from a traditional insurance product offering to more service-driven solutions that respond to the needs of our customers. As an insurer, we continue to consider it important to provide moral support in addition to paying out claims. In other words, we want to maintain a personal connection with our customers. Thanks to our well-being platform B-Tonic and Wellbeing assistance, surviving relatives receive help and guidance from a grief expert. Especially in these times when everything is digital, we find it more essential than ever to continue to approach our customers and their families humanely and personally.'

Jan Scheepers
Director of Life Insurance Baloise Insurance
Can we provide support within your company?