SDGs: this is what you need to know

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17 SDG levers for sustainable growth

  1. The SDGs can be used as a compass for companies towards a sustainable future.
  2. The SDGs open up new (market) opportunities for over 11 billion euros/year.
  3. 86% of citizens expect CEOs to publicly comment on societal challenges.
  4. Belgium takes 18th place in the SDG ranking out of the 193 members of the United Nations. Finland takes first place.
  5. 68% of employees and 81% of senior management prefer a better well-being to climbing the career ladder.
  6. 59% of employees switches jobs if the labour conditions are better elsewhere.
  7. The combination of the mental, physical and social well-being of employees takes centre stage in the sustainable success story of each company.
  8. Do you want maximum commitment of your employees? Ensure enough development and education opportunities. And make them feel that they are making a difference, that they are being seen and recognised.
  9. If employees feel enthusiastic, that leads to 33% more profit and 125% fewer burnouts.
  10. The Good work goals turn a good working environment into a significant responsibility, not only in times of wealth but also in times of crisis.
  11. SDG compliance becomes thanks to the CRSD a catalyst for the employer branding and reputation management.
  12. The CSRD provides a starting point to measure and report your efforts regarding sustainability effectively and consistently .
  13. Only when a company links the sustainability strategy to a well-being culture will it create an optimal lever for growth.
  14. The consequences of loneliness on physical health are comparable to obesity or smoking fifteen cigarettes a day.
  15. The demand of higher cognitive abilities, such as creativity and critical thinking, will increase by 14% in Europe by 2030.
  16. By 2026 one fourth of people will spend at least one hour daily in the metaverse. Services in virtual worlds will add 1.5 billion euros to the global economy by the end of the decade.
  17. By 2030 over 23 million jobs will use augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) for training, meetings or client service.
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