Well-being and sustainability go hand in hand.

April 22, 2022


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Age test Do the age test Yes, please! How are your employees doing? Happy and motivated teams are the driving force behind every successful company....

B-Tonic helps companies implement the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) of the United Nations by 2030 and deploy a sustainable well-being policy for the purpose of a higher involvement between the various stakeholders, entrepreneurs, management and employees.

The 10 Good Work Goals follow the UN position that good work is a crucial condition for achieving many of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

With its online well-being platform wellbeingworks.be, B-Tonic uses the Good Work Goals as a framework for the well-being programmes it makes tailored to each organisation.

With the 10 Good work goals, we advise companies in creating a working environment that values good employees and supports good societies. We carry out the message that focusing on the human being is essential for the health of the economy, society and environment. These goals emphasise that ensuring a good work environment is a significant responsibility, not only in times of stability and prosperity, but also in times of crisis and rehabilitation like the one the world is currently experiencing as a result of the COVID pandemic.

Good work goals

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Annelies Theunissen
People Sustainability Expert

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With the workability cheque you can receive support to identify problems with workable work within your organisation as a one-man-business, SME, large company or social profit organisation with at least 1 employee on the payroll. The intention is to improve labour conditions sustainably. Through the cheques, Flandres finances up to 60% of your project, with a maximum of €10.000.

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