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When and where does B-Balanced take place? You can consult the B-Balanced programme digitally. So you won’t need to travel to attend all workshops. All sessions are recorded and made available on our well-being platform, so you can consult all tips and insights at all times (again). On 7 March we get started with the B-Balanced programme.

If no registration form shows, then all places are sadly already taken. Click on the link below and register for the waiting list. We’ll let you know if a seat opens up.

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With the workability cheque you can receive support to identify problems with workable work within your organisation as a one-man-business, SME, large company or social profit organisation with at least 1 employee on the payroll. The intention is to improve labour conditions sustainably. Through the cheques, Flandres finances up to 60% of your project, with a maximum of €10.000.

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