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We take wellbeing within organisations very seriously. That is why we let ourselves be advised, inspired and supported daily by organisations that we know are the authority in their fields. These structural partnerships provide the scientific basis for B-Tonic to grow and flourish. 

Moving Lives is a digital community platform that connects individuals, companies and non-profit organisations through physical movement.
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Prana Mental Excellence has been an expert in the field of mental and emotional well-being, communication and teamwork for more than 25 years. Chronic stress causes people to underperform and creates an unhealthy work atmosphere. Through various online and offline training courses, workshops, inspiration sessions and personal coaching, we teach your employees to better cope with life’s challenges. Restoring the energy balance, sleeping better, better concentration, learning to put things into perspective, learning to think creatively and in a solution-oriented way, working more efficiently and learning to reach their goals step by step are the ingredients for happier and better functioning employees. But also learning to apply different communication styles in times of change ensures better results.
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For 60 years Antwerp Management School has been a leader in the field of innovation, transformation, entrepreneurship and ecosystems with a focus on people and society. In those 60 years their ambition has not changed. Their slogan sums up what they stand for: ‘Opening minds to impact the world’, while continuing to focus on their three core values: a global mindset, social awareness and critical reflection.
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B-Tonic is an initiative of Baloise Insurance. Insuring things has been our core business for over 150 years. Our most important service? A secure feeling. The guarantee of protection, no matter what. In exactly the same way, we help you to protect yourself. If you are committed to living a healthy life and investing in your body and mind, we are the right partner to help you take the right steps. Any employer who offers these opportunities to their employees is an employer with a bonus
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Energy Lab wants to motivate everyone to consciously choose a healthy, active and fit lifestyle. They help you to move more and better, and also to be mentally strong in life. Energy Lab supports us with their corporate wellbeing services to build an integrated and sustainable health policy, supported by unique online and offline activations, interactive workshops, inspiring keynotes and varied sports events. Both a healthy mind and a healthy body are necessary to perform optimally in the workplace, which is why Energy Lab’s mission is to work with companies and employees to develop a holistic and sustainable health policy.
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Your employees are your most important asset. Investing in their well-being and growth creates an upward spiral and puts your organization on the map of the future. Better Minds at Work wants to be your partner in this positive movement and support you in realizing your ambitions. Through professional advice, training, inspiration sessions and (executive) coaching we focus on what is essential for the success of your organization. Think of policy and strategy, well-being, vitality and engagement, talent and competence development, customer focus and productivity.
POBOS, leading counseling center for welfare, organizes adequate help after shocking events and in case of psychosocial problems. Thanks to a national network of licensed clinical psychologists and professional social workers, POBOS offers a unique range of services with the aim of improving people’s well-being in the workplace and in their private lives. Our mission: ‘to offer psychosocial primary care in an accessible and approachable way to the widest possible audience’.
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Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business. Do you want to ignite the team spirit in your employees and thus increase their commitment and motivation? Challenge and motivate your team members. Destination offers complete packages, including travel and accommodation, combining business and (sporting) activities. As a one-stop-shop, Destination relieves you of all the practical details and guarantees flawless organization, from booking to reception.

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