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People Sustainability as the lever for success

Do you want a sustainable well-being policy both your company and your employees gain from? In our People Sustainability programme we work with you to write a annual action plan tailored to your company with ties to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Work today on the ESG goals of tomorrow

The People Sustainability scan lists all of your company’s well-being efforts and links them to the 17 SDGs. The result is a clear overview, maybe even linked to advice to optimise, that functions perfectly as a reporting tool for the ESG reporting. In the ESG reporting, well-being falls under the S of Social, aside from the two other cornerstones, Environmental & Governance.

Large companies must file a sustainability report (with reporting on 2024) from 2025 on. In 2026, SMEs are due to file this as well. However, it is important to focus on ESG now. It ups your company’s credibility and you become an interesting partner for clients and potential employees that care about sustainability.

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It pays off to pioneer in People Sustainability.

An impactful well-being policy helps to keep your current employees satisfied and loyal and ensures you’re one of the first organisations potential employees consider.

When it comes to well-being, we distinguish these four dimensions:

1. Mental-emotional well-being: Gaining insight in yourself, being mentally healthy and being able to cope with stress and adversity.

Physical well-being: Gaining insight in your health, maintaining and improving your physical health.

3. Social well-being: Being in contact with others, staying connected with friends or family, work and society.

4. Financial well-being: Having your finances in order and being able to cope with financial challenges.

How do we work?


Preparatory analysis & workshop with the stakeholders


Scan & workshop


Reporting & evaluation

Determining the strategy

Preparatory analysis & workshop

Determining the action points

Determining the action plan based on the action points

Implementation action points

Connecting tangible action points with data

Monitoring and advice

Finetuning of action points & monitoring and advice

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Execution and implementation

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To measure is to know

We developed a software tool that collects the data and processes into a convenient and unique reporting instrument. Thanks to your personal dashboard, you can closely follow the effect of the well-being initiatives and you can keep your finger on the pulse of your company. The result is a well-organised well-being policy.

Why participate?

Amount of employees
<25 employees
25-50 employees
51-250 employees
251-500 employees
501-1000 employees
>1000 employees

Receive up to €10.000 support to improve the sustainable deployability of your employees with the People Sustainability scan, by using the workability cheque and the increase of the SME e-wallet!

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