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Sustainable entrepreneurship is no longer an option,
but a must.

Download the full Trend report ‘Well-being & Sustainability’ here.

Download the full Trend report ‘Well-being & Sustainability’ here.

Trend report ‘Well-being & Sustainability’

Driven by climate change, pandemics and energy crises, more and more companies are realizing that sustainable entrepreneurship is no longer an option but a must. We have reached a positive point of no return.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set the course for us: put people and the environment at the centre of all your activities today and stay relevant tomorrow. And profitable: in fact, the SDGs open up market opportunities worth more than 11 billion EUR a year.

With this Trend report, B-Tonic, subsidiary of Baloise, draws a roadmap for companies towards a successful and sustainable future. Trend watcher Herman Konings draws that future into the present using some striking international trends.


Siviglia Berto
Managing Director B-Tonic

“One thing is certain, employee well-being will play a key role in the sustainable success story of your company. Identifying the importance of this irreversible trend and making it tangible constitutes the ‘why’ of this trend report.”

Herman Konings

“Whatever view of the world you may have, changing that world starts with yourself. And the more powerful you are, the more likely you are to actually help move our planet forward. So everything starts with personal wellness, and the business community can, or rather, must, take on an important responsibility in this area.”

Christophe Hamal
CEO van Baloise België

“We continue to invest in companies that assume their environmental and social Responsibilities.The sustainable added value we create from different sources has a positive impact on our employees, our customers, society, the environment,our partners and of course our investors. Now and in the future.”


‘War for wellbeing’

The World Health Organisation defines health as the sum of supreme social, mental and physical wellbeing. This inherently means that you cannot measure an employee’s health exclusively in terms of illness, absenteeism, accident or disability. Thus, practice shows that a company’s ESG or sustainability policy has a direct impact on employee well-being. The circle is complete: the more sustainable or ESG-driven the company or organisation operates, the more positive the impact on the well-being of its human (and social) capital, which in turn fuels the organisation’s growth and success.

Even in the context of today’s ‘war for talent’, sustainability is a critical value for a company or organisation. And sustainable means, among other things, paying attention to the well-being of your employees. In this way, well-being grows into a powerful weapon in the battle for an attractive employer brand. In other words, behind the front line of the current ‘war for talent’ there is a real ‘war for well-being’.

5 SDGs

The change has begun. Not only the result, but also the way in which the results are achieved, will be equally, if not more, crucial. Recent research confirms a growing need among employers for ‘wellness-as-a-service’. More specifically, Insurance companies are expected to proactively monitor and to optimise the (physical and mental) well-being of their professional customers’ employees.

In this second trend report by B-Tonic we focus on five SDGs that have a major impact on the well-being of employees of companies and organisations. After all, a sustainable well-being policy is the driving force for greater involvement between the different stakeholders, entrepreneurs, management and employees. Putting people at the centre is essential for the sustainable health of the economy, society and the environment. And, more concretely, also for the company or organisation.

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Well-being & Sustainability' for free

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