Losing a loved one can be quite painful. You often don’t know where to start. That is why looking for help is a good first step.

Baloise Insurance wants to help you cope with your loss.

A new guidance programme is currently being developed.

We wish you lots of strength.


How grim is grief

Death and goodbyes are things we try to keep far from our lives and things that scare us. In this podcast ‘Hoe rauw is rouw?’ (“How grim is grief?”), commissioned by KU Leuven Sonoor, Manu Keirse wants to discuss difficult topics such as death, sadness and grief in clear language. Because they are simply part of life and teach us something beautiful. Professor Keirse: ‘If I were minister of Education, ‘coping with grief’ would be a required class at school. Because learning about grief is learning about love and connection and thus essential.’

Loss in your environment

If your colleague loses a loved one, their world comes to a halt. A confrontation with the death of a colleague affects the company as well.

The grieving process is tough. There is no fixed step-by-step plan: grieving comes with falling and getting back up. A helping hand offering the necessary support and guidance is definitely appreciated. Our grief counsellors are on call with professional advice to support the bereaved in these difficult times.

Is there an employee who would be helped with personal help? Or does the team need counselling in group?

About B-Tonic, the health platform of Baloise Insurance.

With B-Tonic we inspire and support you to pay attention to your physical and mental well-being. Even when you’re feeling a bit down.

Why does Baloise Insurance support your well-being? Simple. Because we are not only an insurance company, but also a health company, committed to your health and well-being.

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