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'Well-being & Sustainability'

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Wellbeing & Sustainability

The social weight of ESG in sustainable business

More and more companies are realizing that well-being and profit reinforce each other and are making the well-being of their employees a strategic priority. Because a company that takes care of its employees is attractive and experiences less absenteeism or turnover. 90%(!) of employees working in organizations with a strong social impact feel more inspired, motivated, and engaged. At the same time, the organization increases its sustainability score (ESG). In short, well-being forms the foundation of a sustainable business model. The question is ‘How do you start?’ The answer can be found in the Trend Report 2024 by B-Tonic.

Research indicates that 59% of employees seriously consider moving to a company that offers better working conditions than their current employer. And 56% of employees aged 18 to 24 would even quit a job that prevented them from enjoying their lives.

People Sustainability

In other words, companies and organisations face the significant challenge of creating work environments that encourage sustainable performance, with attention to both results and well-being. With a people-centric approach, organisations and companies are more resilient, capable, innovative and motivated to achieve shared sustainability goals. We call this ‘people sustainability’.

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Siviglia Berto
Managing Director B-Tonic

“The quest for an effective and sustainable well-being policy is not a simple exercise, taking into account different profiles and a great diversity within organizations. Value everyone in the organization as an individual and ensure equal opportunities. Teach employees to understand your ESG strategy and involve them in how they can influence the ESG objectives.”

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Stefaan Vandist
Hands-on Sustainability Expert

“It’s no longer enough to focus solely on the final destination when it comes to sustainability and well-being. The journey to  get there is just as valuable.”

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Christophe Hamal
CEO Baloise Belgium

“We keep investing in companies that take on their ecological and social responsibilities. The sustainable added value that we create out of several sources has a positive impact on our employees, our clients, society, the environment, our partners and of course our investors. Now and in the future.”

6 sdgs en

The top six SDGs with a direct impact on well-being

The indicators for monitoring SDG implementation are primarily designed for policymakers, but achieving these goals is of course a collective responsibility. If they seem rather remote to you, then you’re mistaken – the success of the SDGs is intimately linked to companies’ ability to grow sustainably and provide living and working condi – tions that foster a healthy balance between profit, wellbeing and prosperity.

War for wellbeing

Conversely, it’s evident that a company’s sustainability or ESG policy (Environment, Social and Governance) directly impacts employee well-being. This therefore completes the circle: the more sustainable or ESG-driven the company or organisation operates, the more positive the impact on the well-being of its human (and social) capital, which in turn fuels the organisation’s growth and success – meaning that well-being also becomes a powerful tool in the battle for an attractive employer brand. Put differently, behind the front lines of the current ‘war for talent’ rages a true ‘war for well-being’. 

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