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Well-being policy tailored to you

Healthy employees are the beating heart of your organisation. Get started on a sustainable well-being policy with Wellbeing Assistance! Map the needs within your company, make a plan of action, follow up and manage the process.

The platform built for entrepreneurs, hr professionals and prevention advisers

One system for a systematic, validated and sustainable well-being approach tailored to your organisation.
The central cockpit of your well-being policy.

1 People Sustainability Scan
, for a sustainable well-being policy.

Unique in our offering is the People Sustainability scan. The concept of ‘people sustainability’ is at the intersection of employees, well-being, and sustainable business practices. This scan provides a crystal-clear overview of how well a company is doing in both areas, where, after all, the quickest and most effective optimalisations can take place. This scan is the perfect starting point for a sustainability strategy for employees and can help enhance the ESG reports, stimulate the company results and improve people’s lives. We supplement this scan with your employees’ data from the Bio Age and Resilience Scan, which we developed in collaboration with our partners. These scientifically substantiated scans gauge the state of your employees’ mental, social and physical health and their risks of, among other things, a burnout.

2 Tailor-made plan

Each organisation has different priorities and needs, and that definitely applies to your employees as well. Our wide variety of topics, coaches, activities and learning sessions, both online, offline and hybridly, are the building blocks of your programme. We configure, combine, and select the components that fit your plan and budget and as a result, we arrive at the perfect programme tailored to your company, team or even individual employee. With 14.000 possible combinations, each programme is perfectly tailor-made.

3 Follow-up and reporting

As manager of the sustainable well-being policy you want to map the impact of your actions on the company and its employees. In addition, you need a handy way of reporting to your management. Your dashboard gives a clear overview of everything that has been taking place on the Wellbeing Assistance platform at all times. Thanks to the dashboard you have all the information you need to answer the important questions and to keep your finger on the pulse of your company.

You ask, we build...

A well-being policy tailored to each employee, already available starting from €30/p.p.

For each budget

Depending on the components and the options you select for your programme, you decide how much you want to spend. You already compile a fully-fledged programme starting from €30/p.p. Wellbeing Assistance also has the SME e-wallet.

Sustainable approach

We help your company implement the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) by 2023 and to deploy a sustainable well-being policy for the purpose of a higher involvement between the various stakeholders: entrepreneurs, management and employees.

Online, offline, hybrid

Depending on your preference, budget or number of participants, you can choose to have your programme completely digitally or offline with live presence. Would you prefer to work hybridly with both online and offline components? That too is possible!

A sustainable well-being programme tailored to you

What would that look like for my company, team or employee?

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About us

B-Tonic helps organisations increase well-being at work. We do this through advice, training courses and a wide range of science-based tests and scans. Thanks to a strategic and sustainable well-being policy, we aim to improve the mental and physical health of entrepreneurs and their employees. As a strategic well-being partner we work both preventively and solution-oriented, so well-being becomes the lever for increasing employee motivation, connectivity and productivity as well. Because an employee who is motivated and feels good about themselves propels a company towards success.

Siviglia Berto, Managing Director B-Tonic*

*B-Tonic is an initiative of Baloise. Why? Simple. Because we do not want to be only an insurance company but a health company as well. Protecting of your assets. But with a great commitment to everyone’s physical and mental health. B-Tonic is no insurance company but a subsidiary of Baloise.

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