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Seeking sustainability, well-being, and ESG solutions? We help you boost your well-being strategy by integrating it and aligning it with the social pillar of ESG.

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Looking for advice on ESG, well-being, and sustainability strategies? Our team of experts will guide you in implementing concrete steps towards a sustainable business model.

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Improve employee engagement, motivation, and performance with our scientifically supported tools and scans. For a more resilient workforce and a more sustainable future.

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Online and physical training for businesses – Our experts collaborate with you to determine the optimal mix of physical and digital training, tailored to the specific needs.

Is sustainability reporting mandatory for my business?

As of 2024, listed companies and large companies are required to report on sustainability according to the European CSRD Directive. This can have a significant indirect impact on your business. Do you want to know when and if your company has to report?
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Work on your ESG goals today for tomorrow

People Sustainability Scan

In ESG reporting, wellbeing falls under the S of Social, alongside the two other pillars of Environmental & Governance.
Do you want a sustainable well-being policy that benefits both your company and your employees? In a “People Sustainability” process, we map all well-being efforts within your organization and jointly draw up a customized multi-year action plan that is closely linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Work on the 'S' pillar of ESG

Analysis & Data Collection

Preparatory analyses and workshops, including stakeholder engagement and in-depth scans.

Strategy & Goal Setting

Preparatory analysis & workshop to determine the sustainability goals together.


Link action points to data to address problems and improve strategies.

Impact Meeting

Translate your goals into an action plan. Discuss it with your team, who does what, when, and with whom?

Evaluate and Report

Evaluation in dashboard. Receive expert advice to further raise your S-score.

Trend Report Wellbeing and Sustainability

More and more companies are realizing that well-being and profit reinforce each other and make the well-being of their employees a strategic priority. Because a company that cares for its employees is attractive and has less absenteeism or turnover. 90% (!) of employees who work for organizations with a strong social impact feel more inspired, motivated, and engaged. At the same time, the organization increases its sustainability score (ESG). In short, well-being forms the foundation of a sustainable business model. The question is ‘How do you get started’?

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Some of our clients


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March 11, 2024

Puratos - 'Wellbeing leads to welldoing' Paying attention to wellbeing is a risk that food company Puratos can successfully manage.

May 8, 2022

Caring for employee well-being is a crucial pillar in modern business operations. At Sadi Claeys Assurdel Insurance Broker, led by Lauriane Claeys, there is a...

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