Workability Cheque

Receive €9,000 financial aid for workable work

Get started with the workability cheque

Work together with your team on a healthy, vibrant, and energetic workplace. Invest in a sustainable well-being policy and let yourself be supported by the subsidy from the Flemish Government, up to as much as €9,000!

You can submit your application until July 31, 2024, so act quickly.
The final date on which services can be performed is August 31, 2024.

The available total budget for this year amounts to €3 million. So, act quickly!

What can the Workability Cheque be used for?

With the workability cheque you can receive support to identify problems with workable work within your organisation as a one-man-business, SME, large company or social profit organisation with at least 1 employee on the payroll. The intention is to improve labour conditions sustainably. Through the cheques, Flandres finances up to 60% of your project, with a maximum of €9.000.

Which advice and training courses apply?

All scans, consultancy advice and training courses of B-Tonic are eligible for the workability cheque.

The aid may only be granted for advice and training courses carried out by registered service providers of the SME e-wallet or by service providers with the quality registration of Work and Social Economy.

B-Tonic is a registered service provider for the workability cheque and quality registration WSE.

Registration number B-Tonic DV.A243403 – DV.O243402 – KDB000001929.

wse kwaliteitsregistratie

Frequently asked questions

Other than with the SME e-wallet, there is no limit regarding the organisation size for the workability cheques. The only condition regarding the amount of employees is having minimum 1 employee on the payroll.

Non-profits are not eligible for the subsidy, but organisations within the social profit (or the local service economy), such as social workshops and sheltered workplaces
should be eligible. For clarity surrounding specific cases, you can
always get more information with the Flemish Government (

The workability cheque are an initiative of the Flemish government and thus only apply
to organisations with an acceptable legal status, based in the Flemish Region.

The website of the government indicates that the workability cheque cannot be used to comply with legal obligations. The only exception exists for scans, plans of action and actions meant to tackle the changed circumstances due to corona – which has affected all organisations in all aspects.

The Wellbeing Assistance platform is the central cockpit of the well-being policy of your company. On the basis of involvement, participation and satisfaction we guarantee constant metrics and detailed reports in a well-organised dashboard. Thus, the ROI of each initiative can be easily identified and you get a clear overview of the general well-being level of your employees through consolidated data, which allows you to keep your finger on the pulse of your company.

Take into account that subsidies are granted on the level of the company.
(company number) and not on the level of the location. So an organisation with multiple
branches in Flandres under the same company number will be considered together
and fall under the maximum subsidy of €9.000.

As soon as you have submitted your invoice, the subsidy is usually paid within one month.
Pay attention, this involves a pre-financing: you pay the full invoice to
the service provider, the government reimburses the subsidised amount later on.

The Flemish government tries its best to approve all requests as soon as possible (approximately three weeks), but this will not always be possible. That is why we suggest – due to the limited project lead time of 6 months – not to wait and to start the implementation of the projects immediately after the request.

As long as there is budget available, requests compliant with the conditions in the call will usually be approved. When it comes to the contents, there should be a clear link between the chosen activities and the components of workable work, as described by the Flemish Government (stress, motivation, learning opportunities and work-life balance). Our People Sustainability Scan, consultancy services and various other sustainable tools and well-being initiatives that provide support regarding both physical and mental well-being and psychosocial well-being, also meet the requirements. We also offer help writing the request if need be.

No, it involves a rather simple procedure (read more about it here) and B-Tonic is happy to help you.

No, the workability cheques do not have any retrospective effect. It only applies to project that were requested in advance.

Do not wait too long! There is a limited total budget that the Flemish Government has available. You can submit your application until July 31, 2024.

The final date on which services can be performed is August 31, 2024.

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