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We take well-being within organisations very seriously. That is why we are advised, inspired and supported daily by organisations we know to be the authority in their field. These systematic partnerships provide the scientifically substantiated foundation on which B-Tonic can build.


Antwerp Management School has been the frontrunner in terms of innovation, transformation, entrepreneurship and ecosystems with a focus on human beings and society for 60 years. In those 60 years, their ambition has not changed. Their tagline says it all: ‘Opening minds to impact the world’, while they keep investing in their three core values:a global mindset, social awareness and critical reflection.


The KU Leuven Stories and the KU Leuven magazine Sonar reflect the vast scope of the research fields our academics explore. It’s your source for profound stories about our researchers’ work and about pioneering insights and interesting discoveries that change our perspective on the world. The magazine also shows the people and places that make the university so special.


Your employees are your most important capital. Investing in their well-being and growth creates an upward spiral and promotes your organisation as belonging to the future. Better Minds at Work wants to be your partner in this positive movement and support you in achieving your ambitions. Through professional advice, training, inspiration sessions and (executive) coaching we focus completely on what is essential to the success of your organisation. For example, policy and strategy, well-being, vitality and commitment, talent and competency development, customer-oriented actions and productivity.


POBOS, pioneering advice centre for welfare, organises suitable support after shocking situations and in case of psychosocial issues. Thanks to a national network of recognised clinical psychologists and professional social workers, POBOS provides an unique offer of services meant to improve people’s well-being at work and in their private lives. Our mission? Providing psychosocial primary care in an accessible and approachable way to the widest possible audience.


Prana Mental Excellence has been the expert in terms of mental and emotional well-being, communication and team work for over than 25 years. Chronic stress makes people underachieve and creates an unhealthy working environment. Through various online and offline training courses, workshops, inspiration sessions and personal coaching we teach your employees to better cope with the challenges of life. Recovery of the energy balance, sleeping better, improved focus, learning to put things into perspective, learning how to think creatively and solution-oriented, working more efficiently and achieving your goals step by step are the ingredients to happier and better functioning employees. But applying different communication styles, especially in times of change, ensures better results too.


Energy Lab wants to motivate everyone to consciously choose a healthy, active and fitter lifestyle. They help you exercise more and better and be mentally strong. Energy Lab supports us with their corporate well-being services to build an integrated and sustainable well-being policy, backed by unique online and offline activations, interactive workshops, inspiring keynotes and varied sport events. Both a healthy mind and a healthy body are necessary to perform optimally at work, which is the reason Energy Lab is devoted to develop a holistic and sustainable well-being policy with companies and employees.


B-Tonic is an initiative of Baloise. Insurance has been our core business for over 150 years. Our most important service? The feeling of security. The guarantee of protection, no matter what happens. In the exact same way we help you protect yourself. If you are committed to leading a healthy life and to invest in mind and body, we are a great partner to take the right steps with you. If you as an employer give your employees chances like that, is an employer with a major bonus.


Take care of your employees and they will take care of your company. Do you want to awaken the team spirit of your employees and increase their commitment and motivation? Challenge your team members and motivate them. Destination offers complete packages, travel and accomodation included, combining business and (sports) activities. As one-stop-shop Destination unburdens you of all those practical details and guarantees a flawless organisation, from reservation to reception.

the shift

The Shift brings together companies, NGOs, academic institutions and other societal actors from multiple sectors. Together with our fellow members, we share a common goal: to connect and partner up towards transition.


Federgon is the federation of all sectors active in the field of the optimal utilization of Human Capital. As a federation of private labor market intermediaries and HR service providers, they represent the federal and regional interests of their members. Federgon stands for quality and professionalism.

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For over three decades, Utopia Events has been leading the way in organizing sustainable events. With a deep commitment to authenticity, creativity, and an exceptional customer experience, they transform every event into a meaningful experience. Their events are designed to stimulate engagement, build relationships, and make a positive impact on both brands and the community. Utopia Events is synonymous with sustainable innovation, proving that responsible events can also be sparkling and unforgettable.

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Federgon is the federation of all sectors active in the field of the optimal utilization of Human Capital. As a federation of private labor market intermediaries and HR service providers, they represent the federal and regional interests of their members. Federgon stands for quality and professionalism.

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The social weight of ESG in sustainable business

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With the workability cheque you can receive support to identify problems with workable work within your organisation as a one-man-business, SME, large company or social profit organisation with at least 1 employee on the payroll. The intention is to improve labour conditions sustainably. Through the cheques, Flanders finances up to 60% of your project, with a ceiling of €9,000.

The last day to submit your applications is July 31, 2024.
The deadline for performing services is August 31, 2024. Want to know more about the feasibility check?