Well-being as the lever for success

B-Tonic helps organisations increase well-being at work. We do this by means of advice, training courses and a whole set of science-based tests and scans. Thanks to a strategic and sustainable well-being policy we improve the mental and physical health of entrepreneurs and their employees. As a strategic well-being partner we work both preventively as solution-oriented. In this way, well-being becomes the lever for the increase of motivation, connectivity and the productivity of employees. Because an employee who is motivated and feels good about themselves propels a company towards success.

Siviglia Berto, Managing Director B-Tonic*

*B-Tonic is an initiative of Baloise. Why? Simple. Because we do not want to be only an insurance company but a health company as well. Protecting of your assets. But with a great commitment to everyone’s physical and mental health. B-Tonic is no insurance company but a subsidiary of Baloise.

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