Discover the Bio-Age Scan: Invest in the health and vitality of your organization

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Why a Bio-Age Scan? Because your employees deserve it.

Are you looking for a tool to motivate your team to work on their overall health, where everyone gets their personal goals, including customized programs!

We all know our calendar age, but what is your physical age, and most importantly, your biological age? Using extensive surveys on eating and sleeping habits, we calculate your Bio Age or that of your team. Both an overall company view and personal advice that you can concretely work with are the end results.

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Why the Bio-Age Scan?

  • Measures the impact of lifestyle on biological age.
  • Increases the satisfaction and resilience of your team.
  • Identifies wellness focus points and take control of your company’s growth.

Why biological age is important ?

Studies show that the biological age of employees is vital for their well-being and performance. Discover how the Bio-Age Scan can help meet the new challenges of the modern work world.

What you can expect?

  1. Detailed reports for your team or organization.
  2. Scientifically supported measurements for accurate results.
  3. Personal advice to improve the biological age of your team.
  4. Simple invitations to let your employees participate in this scan.

How does it work?

  1. Order the Resilience Scan now for just €249 (excl VAT).
  2. Receive a unique link to the Bio-Age Scan for your team/organization.
  3. Distribute the invitations to your team members.
  4. Have your team members fill out the scan within 21 days (only a few minutes).
  5. Receive a comprehensive report and expert advice after 4 weeks to optimize the biological age of your team.

Invest in a healthier, happier, and longer-performing team with the Bio-Age Scan.

Take the Bio-Age Scan today and invest in a healthier and motivated team.

And take the first step towards a more resilient team!

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