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Build a sustainable tailor-made well-being policy

B-Tonic helps organisations build a sustainable well-being policy. No ad hoc initiatives, but practical and systematic well-being solutions tailored to your company with a measurable impact on every employee’s well-being, motivation and productivity.
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Team building

A team building is mostly relaxing together, discovering and connecting with each other.
Thanks to a memorable experience you will be able to combine activity with relaxation together with your employees. And thus your employees will become one close-knit team.

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Mindful work contributes to a healthier, more resilient and balanced life.
With B-Balanced you discover thanks to professional coaches and workshops among other things how to exercise more, cope with unhealthy stress and build good social relationships with coworkers.

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Burnout & resilience

Your employees’ adaptability has been put to the test the last few years. The resilience scan gauges the state of your employees’ mental well-being and resilience and compiles the results into a clear overview. An important tool in the fight with what health watchers call ‘the new pandemic’.

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Help leading your team

People management is a profession in its own. And in critical situations it becomes a specialist’s job. Those could be conflicts within the team, problems with reorganisation, …
But also positive elements such as connection, trust and dealing with differences. Choose a workshop or a keynote tailored to you.

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Do you want to inspire, inform and activate people in a playful way in terms of sustainability and sustainable well-being policy?
Examples include workshops, trainings, brainstorms, games and scans. In an interactive way about SDGs, inclusion, innovation, …


Learning Expedition

With entrepreneurs on the go! Discover the power of innovative entrepreneurship with impact during the active inspiration trip from 25 to 29 June 2023.
Together with impact entrepreneur Stefaan Vandist and People Sustainability pioneer Siviglia Berto.

The labour deal: writing a training plan

After the introduction of the labour deal in September 2022, organisations in Belgium with 20 or more employees have more responsibilities. Every employee has an individual right to training. This is about at least four days in 2023 and five from 2024 on. One of the responsibilities is writing a yearly training plan before the 31st of March, aside from guaranteeing the individual right to training. This is a positive development that fosters the lifelong learning of employees. However, writing such a plan requires a lot of time, knowledge and resources. Discover how our services can help your organisation.

Competence growth
of your organisation

Let yourself be guided in your organisation and your employees’ further competence development. And contact us for a sustainable tailor-made solution.

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