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Happy and motivated teams are the driving force behind every successful company. Thanks to our unique B-Tonic age scan you, as HR manager, manager or entrepreneur, get to keep your finger on the pulse of your employees’ health, principally focusing on resilience and mental well-being.
This questionnaire, compiled by our experts, measures the impact of our lifestyle on our biological age. So it’s a quick and handy tool that provides practical insights in the well-being of your company. Afterwards you’ll receive an extensive report that reflects how your employees are doing and which concerns were identified.

Our age test was based upon reports and advice of the WHO and upon current scientific literature. Each parameter was carefully researched and scientifically validated. This gives users a realistic idea about the impact of their behaviour upon their biological age. This tool is solely meant for screening and is no diagnostic test. For a thorough diagnosis, additional research by a doctor is required.


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