Burnout scan

Test your team's resilience. Do the Resilience Scan

Help in the fight against 'the new pandemic'

Research shows that today 60% more employees are on the verge of a burnout than before covid. Out of those, 1 in 3 are at (high) risk to fall absent soon. The Resilience Scan gauges the mental well-being and resilience of your employees and summarises the results in a clear report. An important tool in the fight against what health watchers call ‘the new pandemic’.

For hr managers, supervisors and entrepreneurs their employees’ mental health will be the top priority for the upcoming years; The reason is self-evident: happy and healthy employees are more motivated and are less likely to be absent.

But this is in no way an easy task: human emotions are not black and white and are often difficult to understand at first glance, even by the person feeling them. That is why B-Tonic developed, in collaboration with burnout experts, a questionnaire assessing the mental resilience of your employees.

So it’s a quick and handy tool that helps you keep the finger on the pulse of your company. Afterwards you’ll receive an extensive report that reflects how your employees are doing and which concerns were identified.

Our Resilience Scan is based upon, on the one hand, reports and advice of burnout experts and current scientific literature on the other hand. Each parameter was carefully researched and scientifically validated. This gives users a realistic idea of their mental resilience. This tool is solely meant for screening and is no diagnostic test. For a thorough diagnosis, additional research by a doctor is required.


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