Top 5 SDGs with direct impact on well-being

Top 5 SDGs with direct impact on well-being

The indicators based upon which you can monitor the execution of the SDGs, are principally meant for the policy makers. But naturally everyone carries some responsibility to achieve the goals. Do the goals appear removed from your personal situation? Then you’re wrong. After all, the success of the SDGs depends on the ability of companies to grow sustainably and provide living and working conditions that lead to a healthy balance between profit, well-being and prosperity.

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Good to know! The ‘Business and Sustainable Development Commission’ of the World Economic Forum already calculcated the potential business opportunities of SDGs in 2017 [1]. This shows that the SDGs open up market opportunities for over 11 billion euro/year. That is thanks to productivity profit and commercial revenue among others in the area of health and well-being.

[1] Report of the ‘Business and Sustainable Development Commission’, World Economic Forum, January 2017

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