How to build a well-being culture?

How to build a well-being culture?

The World Health Organization defines health as the sum of an ultimate physical, mental and social well-being. That inherently means that you can’t measure health of an employee in terms of illness, absenteeism, accident or invalidity. For instance, experience shows that the ESG or sustainability policy of a company has a direct impact on employee well-being. The circle is complete: the more sustainable or ESG driven a company or organisation is, the more positive the impact on the well-being of the human (and social) capital is, which in turn fuels the organisation’s growth and success.

It is thus important to approach well-being holistically and integrate it into the company culture. How do you do that?

Deloitte identifies three pillars on which you build or expand a well-being culture:

  1. The organisation of the workload
  2. The support of the employees
  3. The organisation of the working environment
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BUt you could go even further and integrate, in addition to the employees and the organisation, the local, and if it proves to useful, the global community into the well-being culture. The International WELL Building Institute recently launched ‘12 Competencies for Measuring Health and Well-being for Human and Social Capital’. Parameters within five categories (the individual, the organisation, the environment, the society and the world) can help to identify which fields can be improved upon.

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