Meet the Good work goals

What are the Good work goals?

The Good work goals aspire to a working environment that is safer, healthier, more resilient, more inclusive, happier, more balanced, more sustainable, more supportive, more meaningful and more responsible.

The Good work goals do this by suggesting a series of actions in each of those 10 domains that employers can take to guarantee a good working environment for their employees.

In collaboration with Antwerp Management School , B-Tonic defined the Good work goals to put emphasis ont he fact that good working conditions are an important responsibilty, not only in times of stability and prosperity, but also – and even more so – in times of crisis and restoration.

Meet the 10 Good work goals

  1. Safe work

Promoting a working environment that prevents incidents, accidents or circumstances threatening or harming the physical health of employees.

2. Healthy work

Promoting a working environment that stimulates and facilitates phsyical health and activity, ergonomics, healthy food and positive mental well-being among employees.

3. Resilient work

Stimulate a working environment that supports employees in their ability to positively cope with stress and to adjust to unexpected or important changes.

4. Inclusive work

Stimulate a working environment that supports diversity among employees and does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion or other traits.

5. Happy work

Stimulate a working environment that prioritises job satisfaction, fulfillment among employees and a team culture.

6. Balanced work

Stimulate a working environment that supports a healthy balance between work-time and life-time, and between relationships inside and outside of the job.

7. Sustainable work

Stimulate a working environment that fosters environmental awareness and action to lessen the impact on natural resources and ecosystems.

8. Supportive work

Stimulate a working environment that supports a personal and professional development of employees and recompensates employees fairly.

9. Meaningful work

Stimulate a working environment in which employees feel like they make a positive contribution to a greater societal goal and to the needs of all stakeholders.

10. Responsible work

Stimulate a work environment that gives employees the chance of taking action for a better society and environment, for example through volunteering programmes for employees.

Are you looking for a sustainable well-being policy in which the human being takes centre stage? On our page on People Sustainability, you’ll discover everything about it.

The ten Good Work Goals explained

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