Well-being policy: your tailor-made solution

Explore and choose the cornerstones for your company

This is how you build a tailor-made well-being policy

Each company is unique and so is each employee. Which is why we don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ well-being policy. B-Tonic helps you build an impactful and sustainable programme, supported by the four essential well-being foundations.

Explore and choose which topics are important for your company and will be the cornerstones for your tailor-made well-being policy.

b tonic mentale veekracht

Mental resilience

It is important for employers to support their employees’ mental health and create a culture that helps avoid burnout.

b tonic diversiteit inclusie

Diversity and inclusion

Many organisations include diversity and inclusion as a core value. Yet translating those good intentions into practice in the workplace is not always a straightforward task.

b tonic focus productiviteit

Focus and productivity

Focus is a scarcity in these digital times. Being able to focus well at work is essential for productivity, efficiency and quality though.

b tonic stressbestrijding

Stress management

Stress is often the unseen enemy of your employees’ drive and motivation. It is important to put stress management on the radar of your well-being policy.

b tonic voeding

Healthy nutrition

Healthy nutrition is the driving factor behind the energy levels of your employees. For some employees, a healthy and regular eating pattern is not easy and in that case, the engine can start to protest.

b tonic communicatie

Communication and collaboration

Open communication and inclusive collaboration are indispensable for the optimal performance of teams and help to achieve common goals.

b tonic zelfleiderschap


Employees taking responsibility for their own professional development contribute a positive and stimulating working environment. This fosters both employees’ and the company’s growth.

b tonic sport


Physically fit employees are more energetic, are less prone to health problems and have higher levels of motivation and engagement at work.

b tonic ergonomie


Ergonomics is about so much more than just the right working posture. It maintains the energy levels of your employees and enhances the mental focus.

b tonic slaap


A healthy night’s rest is vital for your employees’ health and recuperation. Focusing on sleep quality improves focus, mood and general well-being at work.

b tonic shiften


Shift workers deserve to be paid more attention within the well-being policy. The irregular working hours lead to a combination of challenges in terms of nutrition, sleep, exercise etc.

b tonic motivatie


A motivated employee is a happy and productive employee. It is important to create a positive and supportive working environment with a view to recognition and growth possibilities.

How can we help your company?

Dependin on the topic and the needs of your company, we offer the aforementioned topics in different ways:

Company scan

clear, data-driven overview of the current state of affairs of a specific topic within a team or company


video presentations, assignments and tutorials via our digital learning platform

Team coaching

for specific topics and issues, coaching at group level is perfect


dynamic and interactive session(s)


inspiring deep dive by one of our experts

Individual coaching

for maximum impact in a short time


learn more about a topic in an interactive and fun way

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B-Tonic benefits

B-Tonic is a registered service provider for the SME e-wallet and our well-being policy is eligible for the Workability cheques.

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