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January 13, 2022


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With a common goal of getting people moving, healthier and happier, strong partnerships are crucial. And this is what B-Tonic finds at Energy Lab and Antwerp Management School, among others. Each and every one of them works on the science-based programmes through which B-Tonic, subsidiary of Baloise Insurance, makes employees and organisations mentally healthier and physically fitter. ‘Together we realise a unique overall approach,’ says Siviglia Berto of B-Tonic.

B-Tonic chose a structural partnership with Energy Lab because it has been guiding people to a healthier lifestyle for more than a decade. ‘This is done through well-being- and resilience-building mobile applications and programmes, among other things,’ CEO Kristof De Smet says.

No wonder that with that mission and approach, the organisation found a strong equal partner in B-Tonic. ‘Because of our shared DNA, we asked Energy Lab to help strengthen our well-being programmes,’ clarifies Siviglia Berto, managing director at B-Tonic.

An energetic workforce in 100 days

Specifically, B-Tonic and Energy Lab, as partners, are developing a number of new pathways to make entrepreneurs, SMEs and their staff mentally and physically stronger and more balanced. Because mentally healthy and fit individuals have more energy, better focus, a stronger immune system, and less stress, they all agree in unison.

An example of that collaboration is the programme ‘ An energetic workforce in 100 days’. In it, employees are connected via monthly interactive sessions, weekly videos, activities, short surveys and an inspiring activation campaign from start to finish, motivating them to strengthen their mental and physical well-being and keep it on point. Siviglia Berto: ‘In our first pilot project, 320 participants connected for 100 days. With a participation rate of over 80 percent throughout the programme, the results were nothing short of astonishing.

Through ambassadors, a ripple effect is created, allowing us to spread the health virus throughout an entire organisation.


Inspire and motivate

How does an organisation get so many people motivated to participate in such a programme? According to Siviglia Berto, this is done by focusing on different domains. ‘The programme that includes a focus on energy, exercise, healthy eating and sleep recovery is relevant to every employee regardless of position or age, but the communication to translate that message varies by company and employee population.’

Ambassadorship can also be a tool to motivate as many employees as possible to participate. ‘We often work with a number of people who are leaders at companies,’ Kristof De Smet clarifies. ‘They then help carry the message of a programme. This creates a ripple effect by which we can spread the health virus throughout an entire organisation.’

That is also exactly what B-Tonic does. By motivating entrepreneurs, business owners and managers, they in turn inspire employees and team members to participate in a well-being programme. ‘No matter how big or small an organisation is: our approach must be supported by the managers or board members. When they actively participate and believe in it, there is an insane amount of connection and commitment among employees,’ experiences Siviglia Berto.

Many people start the new year with good intentions: our well-being programmes translate those ambitions into a sustainable well-being policy in practice


Energy Boost Challenge 2022

Energy Lab is also participating in the recently launched B-Tonic self-leadership programme ‘Energy Boost Challenge 2022’. In this five-day adventure, 20 participants cycle and hike in a groundbreaking way around Mont Blanc, including in the company of seasoned adventurer Cedric Dumont. ‘Beforehand, we organise a full guidance programme with Energy Lab,’ says Kristof De Smet. ‘We prepare participants mentally and physically for this adventure. It is not a competition: anyone can reach the final goals.’

Finally, Siviglia Berto underlines that participating in one of the B-Tonic programmes is a great way to achieve New Year’s resolutions. ‘Many people start the new year with good intentions around healthier eating and exercise: our programmes translate those ambitions into a sustainable well-being policy in practice.’ In addition, many employees could definitely use an extra boost or motivation booster in these changing times.


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