How your company can gain from People Sustainability

People sustainability is crucial for a successful sustainability strategy and can contribute to better ESG reports and to improved business results and a higher level of employee well-being.

The concept of ‘people sustainability’ is located on the intersection of employee commitment, empowerment and sustainable entrepreneurship. It is defined as the ethical and honest treatment of people within an organisation. A sustainability strategy for employee can, in other words, help to:

Thanks to covid

The past few years there has been a great shift at work. The revolution of hybrid working was caused by COVID, and thanks to technological progress the shift to the remote office was nearly seamless. But although the instruments were there to make this shift happen, the policies and the approach were not. Company transformation is not solely about new technology; it needs to be an adjusted approach that takes technology, processes and people into account.

The three crucial factors if you want to win with people sustainability:

1. Upskilling employees

By estimation there will be 85 million vacancies world-wide due to a lack of the right skills. By prioritising people and developing them through upskilling and re-education, organisations can make their employees feel more committed and well-rested with the means they need to grow while the company further develops.

2. Paying attention to the employee in the whole ecosystem

Governments and other regulating authorities demand more and more that companies take responsibility for the way employees are treated in their ecosystem.

Technology is essential to comply with the regulation demands for the supply chain. Thanks to the increased transparency of data companies can look into their direct and indirect suppliers and look who protects both people and environment. With this level of visibility, companies can lessen audits and improve their direct and indirect societal, economic and environmental impact.

3. Ensuring a human-centred approach in the corporate world

Companies focus more and more on a sustainable well-being policy. And each transformation begins and ends with people. People implement new technologies, develop new company models and lead crucial initiatives. With a people-centred approach organisations are more resilient, competent, innovative and motivated to achieve our joint sustainability goals.

Putting the human at the centre gives progress

Even now organisations are dealing with shrinking budgets and rising inflation, the most important thing is employee commitment. Especially in the current uncertain times, having an eye for the employee well-being generates great benefits related to productivity, collaboration and motivation.

Recent research by SAP confirms that more than 86% of managers thinks that investing in people sustainability can lead to positive economic and ecological sustainability results. A McKinsey report indicates that 83% of C-suite leaders expect ESG programmes will contribute more to shareholder value in five years than they do now. By putting humans at the centre in the business strategy, innovation, resilience and collaboration are improved and the performance and progress accellerate.

With the People Sustainability Scan B-Tonic identifies the workability rate of your organisation, completely aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (UN SDGs).

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