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[7] ‘Distributed Work’s Five Levels of Autonomy’:
[8] Andrew Winston (@andrewwinston) is a globally recognised expert in the field of building resilient, profitable companies that put people and planet centre stage. Read his column on:
[9] Communicating about a commendable vision without practicing what you preach.

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The example above of such a materialisation analysis [10] brings together the SDGs and the SDG goals into a matrix. As some of the most relevant goals are strongly connected, we clustered them in this case. That resulted in seven focus topics: carbon neutrality, growth and development, employee well-being, inclusive diversity, corporate governance and responsible leadership, partnerships and the development of sustainable ESG solutions. There is no such thing as a one size fits all application. The results and execution will never be the same in two different companies. It’s important that each in accordance to their own abilities and knowledge adapts or reinvents their sustainability strategy and well-being culture.

[10] Sustainability report BDO Belgium – fiscal year 2021:
[11] To The Point-magazine 2/2022 – BDO Belgium – copyright BDO Belgium

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