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[5] Deloitte Employer and C-suite well-being survey, 2022:


In summary: people want to work for organisations where employees lead a happy life. The Deloitte research shows that 59% of employees seriously consider working for a company with better working conditions than their current employer. This evolution is confirmed by research by Randstad [6], showing that 56% of employees between 18 and 24 years old would quit a job that stops them from enjoying their lives; 38% of employees between 55 and 67 years old agree with that.

[6] Randstad, ‘Workmonitor 2022, the#howweworkrevolution’:

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Well-being is thus (much!) more than a strategy of words and a small gesture now and then. It’s a value you promote as an organisation and apply every day. And that value must lead to which the American entrepreneur and founder of Automattic Matt Mullenweg calls: “When everyone in the company has time for their well-being and mental health, when people do their best and use the highest level of their creativity to achieve the best work of their career and simply have fun.” [7] No matter how impossible that nirvana seems to be, experience teaches us that striving towards it is just as stimulating and constructive. For employee well-being and for the organisation.

Well-being is (much!) more than a strategy of words and a small gesture every now and then.’

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