People Sustainability: put the employees at the centre

The health crisis was a turning point for the way we look at our employees' well-being

Today, more and more organisations base their policy upon the ESG criteria. They try to reinvent and improve themselves in a corporate world where social and environmental needs are more and more prioritised and where sustainability has become the key to company transformation.

In the past few years it has become clearer and clearer that sustainability is no isolated element or ambition, but is part of a complex responsibility that is created in a company’s DNA. So:

Investing in people sustainability pays off

Four types of well-being

A well-being policy with impact should focus on four dimensions: mental and emotional well-being (insight in yourself, coping with stress and adversity, agility), physical well-being (insight in your health), social well-being (staying in tocuh with colleagues, friends, family, society) and financial well-being (having your money matters under control and coping with financial challenges).

There is no point in focusing on those first three without the fourth. Through the covid pandemic and the energy crisis we learnt that financial well-being is crucial. You can have one hundred and one initiatives: if people worry about not being able to pay their bills, nothing works. You can read all about it in our trend report:

To help employees make the right financial choices, Baloise developed an online platform: You can, for instance, simulate what will happen to your income when you fall absent due to illness.

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