Why a three-day programme about leadership? And why should you participate?

September 13, 2021


Trend report 2023: ‘Wellbeing & Sustainability’

Sustainable entrepreneurship is not an option anymore but a must. Download the Trend Report 2023 here. ‘Well-being & Sustainability’ Yes, please! Trend Report 2023 ‘Well-being...

You lead on a daily basis, you create virtual solutions to stay connected with the professional outside world, surf on the waves of change or pioneer in a world of innovation. Leading an organisation or company is often a lonely profession. Don’t you lose sight of yourself at times?

Sharpen your self-awareness and utilise your insecurities, hesitation and stress to reinvent yourself as a leader. Success is a combination of mental and physical resilience. Peak performance can only be achieved when you take care of your own health and well-being.

Who is this programme meant for?

  • You’re in a leadership role (manager, consultant, expert, entrepreneur, employer)
  • You’re looking for a better work-life balance
  • After three days, you want to return to a healthy work environment with a fresh mindset and hands-on tools.

What do you get from this programme?

  • Strengthen your entrepreneurial spirit
  • Master techniques to lead confidently
  • Exchange hesitation for boldness and think of solutions for unknown challenges
  • Develop mental and physical resilience
  • Return to work with a hands-on and goal-oriented plan
  • Connect with inspiring people and expand your network

Practical info

  • Location: Yalohotel, Ghent
  • From 19/10/2021 tot 21/10/2021
  • Welcome at 9h (day 1) – end anticipated at +/- 16h (day 3)
  • Price € 1.240 (excl. VAT) (incl. stay of two nights in a brand new hotel Yalo, all meals and drinks, science-based workshops by renowned coaches, guidance by Antwerp Management School led by Prof. dr. Vangronsvelt, network moments and exclusive activities)
  • max. 20 people
  • 20% off pp if a room is shared by 2


WhitepaperHybrid working 4.0 Download the whitepaperHybrid working 4.0 Yes, please! Employees with a high degree of hybrid work are less at risk of a burnout....

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