11 easy tips for more ergonomics at work

August 18, 2022


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Ergonomics is about so much more than just the right working posture. It maintains the energy levels of your employees and ensures a better mental focus. With these 11 tips you bring more excercise into your work.

1. Switch up your desk chair for a ball seat or an ergonomic pillow.

2. Stand up or walk around when you have a phone call. Your blood flows better and that is good for your body and brain.

3. Why not a walking discussion or a brainstorm by phonecall instead of the umpteenth videocall? If your brain gets some oxygen, you can think better.

4. Don’t put your smartphone on your desk, but put it near the window or on a nearby cabinet. You’ll need to get up if you receive a call then. Bonus: you’re distracted less.

5. Consider the purchase of a sitting-standing desk for the team. A healthy investment.

6. Set an alarm every hour and get up to fill a glass of water. Like that, you’ll move more and drinking enough helps your body dispose of the waste more easily.

7. Do a mini workout when you go to the bathroom (for instance, 10 squads or 10 jumping jacks).

8. Turn your lunch break into an exercise break. Take a walk with coworkers, walk around the block or bike to the bakery.

9. Turn your thumb inwards and your elbow outwards when you use a standard horizontal mouse. Otherwise, your whole arm is holding unnecessary tension. An ergonomic mouse allows your arm to relax and offers support instead of unnecessary strain.

10. Looking up is 100 times more taxing than looking down for the neck. It’s ideal when the top side of your screen is at eye level and your screen is at arm’s length.

11. Do you work hybridly? Be as strict for your remote working spot than for your office desk.


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Aaltje van der Zee
People Sustainability Expert

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