Puratos: the importance of strong, productive and engaged employees

March 11, 2024


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Puratos - 'Wellbeing leads to welldoing'’

Paying attention to wellbeing is a risk that food company Puratos can successfully manage. Thanks in part to its intense collaboration with Baloise and B-Tonic.

For the second year in a row, Puratos is using a premium refund to steer its wellbeing policy in the right direction. ‘Last year, we asked B-Tonic to map all actions within Puratos around wellbeing, training and personal development with the People Sustainability Scan,’ says Joost Strubbe, HR director at Puratos

‘After a rist of inspiration sessions and workshops, together we drew up an action plan with projects around various themes: healthy food for our employees, safe working environment and better support for managers.’

Key to employee health: A global approach

Wellbeing for employees covers a wide range of aspects, not only related to mental or emotional well-being, but also to physical and financial health. This comprehensive approach recognises the interconnectedness of all aspects of wellbeing and requires a consistent, long-term vision and approach. Joost Strubbe highlights the importance of wellbeing at Puratos and how it is a top priority on the HR agenda.

As a global company, Puratos has developed an integrated wellbeing policy at an international level. This policy not only serves the interests of employees but also contributes to Puratos’ objectives as an employer. The importance of having strong, productive and engaged employees is recognised, as Puratos believes that promoting wellbeing ultimately leads to welldoing, both for the company and for individual employees.

Puratos did a “People Sustainability journey” with B-Tonic to map all their wellbeing efforts within their organisation. We jointly drew up a tailor-made multi-year action plan closely linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


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Puratos - 'Wellbeing leads to welldoing' Paying attention to wellbeing is a risk that food company Puratos can successfully manage.

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