Echo 23

February 7, 2023



WhitepaperHybrid working 4.0 Download the whitepaperHybrid working 4.0 Yes, please! Employees with a high degree of hybrid work are less at risk of a burnout....

Put February 7th 2023 in your calendar! #Echo23 is the brand new yearly event for all event professionals in Belgium. with tons of speakers that take a moment to contemplate three topics: #sustainability #innovation and #humancapital with, among others:

🎤 David Clarinval, Minister of Middle Class

🎤 Philippe Close, Mayor of Brussels

🎤 Siviglia Berto, Managing Director B-Tonic

🎤 Herman Konings, psychologist and trendwatcher B-Tonic

So register now, then we’ll meet again in Antwerp – Vestar!


SDG Scan

SDG-scan Want to know more about the SDG scan? Yes, please! Get into the cockpit of your well-bein gpolicy full of impact A company can...

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