Partnermeeting AMS 4 juni: Next generation work

February 15, 2024


SDG Scan

SDG-scan Want to know more about the SDG scan? Yes, please! Get into the cockpit of your well-bein gpolicy full of impact A company can...

The future of HR: An evidence-based perspective

In our ongoing exploration of innovative work practices, we are now focusing on the crucial role of Evidence-Based HR in shaping future-proof organizations. This partner meeting provides practical insights into how data and scientific research can be used to enhance HR policies and practices. B-Tonic collaborates with Antwerp Management School (AMS) on scientifically substantiated solutions regarding sustainable well-being. We will be present at the partner meeting on June 4th, organized by AMS.

Date: Tuesday June 4th 2024
Topic: Evidence Based HR


  • 16.00: Reception
  • 16.30:Start of the substantive part. An interactive session delving deeper into the importance of evidence-based practices in HR.
  • 18.00: Closing with the opportunity for further discussion and/or moving to the foyer for the HR Challenge.
  • 18.30: Start HR Challenge

Why participate in the event?

  • Deepen your understanding of evidence-based HR and its importance for the future of work.
  • Engage with experts and practitioners.
  • Networking opportunities with other professionals committed to advancing HR.


Antwerp Management School
Boogkeers 5
2000 Antwerp

We are looking forward to meeting you at the partner meeting on June 4th.
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Annelies Theunissen
People Sustainability Expert

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