Save the date! Swiss workshop: 17.10.2023: Keynote People sustainability: The cornerstone of a thriving future.

October 17, 2023


Whitepaper: How come an absenteeism intervention works?

Download the whitepaper: ‘How come an absenteeism intervention works?’ Yes, please! Company culture and leadership are two important levers towards a successful and sustainable reintegration....

Siviglia Berto, Managing Director van B-Tonic and people sustainability-expert, gives a keynote about people sustainability in the Swiss workshop on 17 October 2023. What do you need to know about people sustainability? What is it and how do you implement it in your company? Siviglia Berto shares her knowledge of and experience with the topic in her keynote about people sustainability.

People sustainability

People sustainability, what is that? People sustainability combines employee well-being with sustainable entrepreneurship. By putting the human back at the centre, you create a sustainable well-being policy as a company, you improve the operating results and the loyalty of your employees. The experts agree: a thriving future is acquired by focusing on people sustainability. Do you want to read more about people sustainability? Read all about it in our dossier.

Siviglia Berto

Practical information

The event is 17 October 2023 and starts at 18h. It takes place at Plein Publiek in Brussels. Do you want to know more about this event?

You can always talk to:

Myriam Winnepenninckx
Switzerland Convention & Incentive Bureau
T.+32 2 345 83 57 E.


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Annelies Theunissen
People Sustainability Expert

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