Breaks are good for your brain.

May 7, 2021



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Do you always quickly eat your sandwiches behind your screen in order to get a grip on your workload? Relax! From now on you can take your sweet time to have lunch.

Short breaks ensure

  • your brain gets rest, which makes it easier to get that “Eureka!” moment.
  • you can problem solve better.
  • you experience less stress.
  • you get a clear view on your to dos.
  • you gather new energy.
  • you have more focus and can thus work better.
Press the pause button: how often and how long?

You could try the pomodoro technique: work for 25 minutes and pause for 5. Every two hours you take a longer break of 15 minutes. For your lunch, a break of 45 minutes is ideal.

What does the perfect lunch break look like?

Leave the workplace and stimulate your coworkers to do the same. Go for a walk with the team (smalltalk is nice!), listen to a podcast, do your grocery shopping, take a shower or go for a run. That meeting after the lunch break will definitely flow better and you’ll be able to do more in less time.

Give taking breaks a spot in your organisation. Ideally, supervisors lead by example. Or lunch together with your team. It will only lead to better focus and results for everyone.

More productivity, focus and energy in your team?

The programme ‘Healthy in 100 days’ is something for you. Through interactive sessions, videos, assignments and an inspiring campaign we motivate every team member to lead a healthier life.


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