Exercise tips for an energetic team

May 19, 2021



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Exercise tips for an energetic team

Sitting is the new smoking. And we do it way too much. According to the Health Survey 2018, the average Belgian sits up to six hours a day.* And corona goes one step further.**

Science proves that exercise not only provides physical advantages but nourishes the soul too. *** Mentally and physically healthy employees are sick less often and perform better.

Give your team an energy boost with these 10 simple exercise tips.

Ten tips to exercise more during work

  1. Alternate between a desk chair with a sitting ball or ergonomic pillow.
  2. Stand up or walk while you call. Your blood flows better and that is good for your body and brain.
  3. Why not a walking discussion or a brainstorm by phonecall instead of the umpteenth videocall? If your brain gets some oxygen, you can think better.
  4. Do not put your smartphone on your desk, but put it near the window or on a nearby cabinet. You will need to get up if you receive a call then. Bonus: you are distracted less.
  5. Consider the purchase of a sitting-standing desk for the team. A healthy investment.
  6. Set an alarm every hour and get up to fill a glass of water. Even better: put a notification message for the team.
  7. Wear an activity tracker that regularly reminds you to walk for a bit.
  8. Do a mini workout if you go to the bathroom (for example, 10 squads or 10 jumping jacks).
  9. Turn your lunch break into an exercise break. Take a walk with coworkers, walk around the block or bike to the bakery.
  10. Do these ‘deskercises’.

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