Siviglia Berto and Herman Konings in a compelling podcast about Well-being & Sustainability

January 17, 2023


Well-being policy planner

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In the light of the release of the B-Tonic Trend report 2023 ‘Well-being & Sustainability’, Managing Director Siviglia Berto and trendwatcher Herman Konings got behind the microphone for a compelling podcast of the HR platform #ZigZagHR. They talk full of inspiration about the positive impact of the implementation of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) on companies. Additionally, they give practical tips on how these organisations can ensure they’ll still be relevant tomorrow by focusing on humans and environment today.
Almost 60 minutes of viewing and listening joy!

Listen to the podcast here.

Want to read more? Download the trend report here.


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Annelies Theunissen
People Sustainability Expert

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