Is your company ready for CSRD and sustainable reporting?

May 24, 2024


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Does your company fall under the European reporting obligation or not? Take the test

From 2026, large companies will be required to submit a CSRD report for the 2025 financial year. Listed large companies must even do this a year earlier. Is your organization prepared for sustainable reporting and well-being?

Does this apply to your company?

Of course, you must first be sure that your company falls under this scheme. Listed large companies in the EU must report on sustainability for the 2024 financial year by 2025. Non-listed large companies get an extra year: they must report on 2025 in 2026.

Then see whether you meet 2 of these 3 conditions:

  • Then see if you have 2 of these 3. You have a turnover of at least 50 million euros per year (or the equivalent in foreign currency). values:
  • You have at least 250 employees.
  • You have a balance sheet total of at least 25 million euros (or the equivalent in foreign currency).

Does your company meet the conditions? Then you will have to submit a CSRD report.

Wondering whether your company falls under this scheme? Take the short test below to find out what kind of situation your company is in

Have you already completed a preliminary phase?

During a preliminary process, you prepare stakeholders both within and around your company for the process. This way you can get everything pointed in the right direction and prepare your company for a flying start.

Have you already determined the right KPIs?

The European Commission has listed more than 1,200 different measurement points (ESRS) that you as a company can include in your CSRD reporting. The ESRS were drawn up by the European Financial Reporting Advisory Group and approved on July 31, 2023.

To make your sustainability journey manageable, it is important to determine the most important and relevant sustainability themes for your company.
This is done by means of a double materiality analysis . On the one hand, this helps you focus on the matters where you as a company can make the greatest positive impact and on the other hand, it determines which measurement points will be included in your CSRD reporting.

Have you already reported on the progress you made?

Have you started working on the KPIs and have you thoroughly analyzed or even improved the points of interest? Great! Now it is important to collect all that information to create a sustainability report. You can use a tool such as the Esgility platform. This way, data is immediately collected in a structured manner to meet CSRD requirements.

In this way, data is immediately collected in a structured manner to comply with the CSRD requirements.

Don’t wait until the final audit of your sustainability report to involve your auditor. In collaboration with your sustainability partners and experts, your auditor can challenge or check you in the meantime. Together you can see which steps are best taken in drawing up the report and when the audit validation best takes place. That way, you won’t be caught off guard later on.

Have you already communicated about it to the various stakeholders?

Your sustainability process can not only result in a mandatory CSRD report, you can also include it in your communication to stakeholders. Sustainability can be an essential part of your business strategy. Communicating about this to both internal and external partners is crucial. This way you also increase involvement in your company.

Do you know how to map the ‘S’ of ESG and include it as an impact for your reporting?

The ‘S’ in ESG stands for social factors and covers a wide range of topics, including working conditions, diversity and inclusion, human rights, and your company’s impact on the community.

To effectively map and report social impact, you can use a People Sustainability Scan . This is how you ensure that the ‘Sof ESG becomes an integral part of your CSRD reporting and your sustainable business strategy.

Ideal for effectively mapping and reporting social impact!

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