June 6th, GUBERNA National Member Forum 2024

March 29, 2024


Trend report 2023: ‘Wellbeing & Sustainability’

Sustainable entrepreneurship is not an option anymore but a must. Download the Trend Report 2023 here. ‘Well-being & Sustainability’ Yes, please! Trend Report 2023 ‘Well-being...

“Acting on the S in ESG”

We are pleased to announce an upcoming event on June 6th by GUBERNA National Member Forum 2024, focusing on the importance of social factors in a successful ESG strategy. Among others, Siviglia Berto, CEO of B-Tonic, will delve deeper into the crucial role that the social pillar of ESG plays in promoting sustainability and competitive advantage.

The analysis and implementation of social factors is a key component in a successful ESG strategy, and often the most overlooked. This provides a unique opportunity for motivated companies to out-social their competition. The S in ESG encompasses a company’s performance in terms of labor practices, diversity and inclusion but also community engagement and supply chain management. They form the cornerstone of sustainable investing, assessing a company’s relationships with its employees, suppliers, customers, and the communities in which it operates.

Here’s a sneak peek of the program:

17:00 – Welcome

17:30 – Introductie GUBERNA

17:35 – Keynote spreakers

  • Het concept off people governance, Serge Hubert: Coordination Générale, Réseau Hospitalier Namurois
  • Second keynote speaker to be announced

18:15 – Panel discussion

  • Erik Moniquet, chair Bewel, board member Flanders Investment & Trade
  • Siviglia Berto, CEO of B-Tonic
  • BDO
  • Other panel members to be announced

19:00 – Q&A + conclusion

19:15 – Walking Dinner – Networking

Date: 06/06/2024

Salons Waerboom
Jozef Mertensstraat 140
1702 Dilbeek

Prijzen: This event is free and exclusive for GUBERNA members

We look forward to being present at this inspiring gathering where you can explore the power of the social pillar in ESG.


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maartje vanewijk

Annelies Theunissen
People Sustainability Expert

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New Trend Report 2024 ‘Wellbeing & Sustainability’

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