How do you attract talented employees and retain them?

July 12, 2023


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How does People Sustainability help attract talent?

People sustainability combines sustainable business with employee well-being and puts people at the heart of your organisation. How? By focusing on several pillars, such as diversity and inclusion, health and safety, and empowerment and growth. More and more employees are finding it important to work for a company that is mindful of their impact on society, especially among the younger generations. By committing to People Sustainability, you show your commitment to society, which helps attract and retain talented employees. Do you want to know more about People sustainability? Read our file!

Here are some ways People Sustainability can help attract talented employees. After all, for companies that want to keep growing, attracting talented employees is an ongoing challenge. An effective way to get top talent to your company? People Sustainability! As mentioned earlier, People Sustainability refers to creating a working environment in which employees thrive and people are put at the centre. In this blog, we list some strategies companies can employ to attract talented employees.

invest in growth opportunities

First, it is important to invest in employee development. Talented professionals want to work for organisations that offer them growth opportunities and invest in their personal and professional development. Think of training courses, workshops, coaching and even mentoring programmes. Offer your employees more than just a place to work and a wage: therefore, bet on learning experiences. Facilitating such opportunities for self-development and growth shows that your company truly believes in employees.

An inclusive work culture

Also important is creating a positive and inclusive work culture. Companies should foster an environment where diversity is valued and all employees are given equal opportunities. By promoting open communication, easy collaboration and respect for everyone on the team, you will create a working environment where talented employees feel at home and can reach their full potential.

Work-life balance

Another important factor in attracting talented employees is providing a good work-life balance. Employees increasingly value flexibility and the ability to balance work and personal life. Offering flexible working arrangements, such as sliding hours an alternation between working from home and in the office, is very interesting for employees looking for a better work-life balance. Finally, employees work better when they feel good about themselves.

People Sustainability: an investment in the future

In short, implementing people sustainability strategies is essential for attracting talented employees, as research shows. By investing in employee development, creating a positive work culture and providing a good work-life balance, companies can stand out and become attractive to top talent. Therefore, by investing in People Sustainability, you as a company are investing in the future.

Source: Ipsos Karian & Box


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How does People Sustainability help attract talent? People sustainability combines sustainable business with employee well-being and puts people at the heart of your organisation. How?...

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