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September 5, 2022


Whitepaper: How come an absenteeism intervention works?

How come an absenteeism intervention works? Download the whitepaper: ‘How come an absenteeism intervention works?’ Yes, please! Company culture and leadership are two important levers...

Happy and healthy employees are the lifeline of your organisation. That is why we are this serious about your company’s well-being policy, tailored to the specific needs and requests. B-Tonic helps companies implement the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) of the United Nations by 2030 and deploy a sustainable well-being policy for the purpose of a higher involvement between the various stakeholders, entrepreneurs, management and employees.

Wellbeing Assistance is the central cockpit of your well-being goals: a unique and tailor-made platform built for entrepreneurs, HR professionals and prevention advisers. Our success formula consists out of five fixed steps:

1. Finger on the pulse

Knowing what is going on in your company or organisation is the first step to an efficient and sustainable well-being policy. On the basis of our company scan we identify which steps you are already taking and which possible gaps exist in your approach. We also supplement this company scan with your employees’ data from the age test and/or the burnout scan we developed in collaboration with our partners. These scientifically substantiated scans gauge your employees’ physical and mental health and their risk of a burnout.

2. Priorities and plan of action

When you know what is happening in your organisation, it is time for targeted action. Together we make a plan of action for a well-structured well-being policy. The plan takes your budget, the priorities we identified earlier and the focus points you wish to add. This way, you have a clear overview of your most important goals and the practical actions we will take for this, naturally always linked to a very transparant timing.


3. Tailor-made programme

Each organisation has different priorities and needs, and that definitely applies to your employees as well. Within our wide variety of themes, coaches, activities and learning sessions, both online, offline and hybrid, we pick the building blocks of your programme. We configure, combine and select the blocks that fit your plan and budget and thus arrive to the perfect programme tailored to your company, team or even individual employee. With over 140.000.000 (!) possible combinations, each programme is perfectly tailor-made.

4. Sustainable well-being policy

B-Tonic helps companies implement the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) of the United Nations by 2030 and deploy a sustainable well-being policy for the purpose of a higher involvement between the various stakeholders, entrepreneurs, management and employees.

From this perspective, all our activities are plotted on the SDGs and we worked for two years on the Good Work Goals, which are incorporated into the programmes. With the 10 Good work goals we advise companies in creating a working environment that values good employees and supports good societies. We carry out the message that focusing on the human being is essential for the health of the economy, society and environment. These goals emphasise that ensuring good work environments is a significant responsibility, not only in times of stability and prosperity, but also in times of crisis and rehabilitation like the one the world is currently experiencing as a result of the corona pandemic.


5. Monitoring and reporting

As a manager for the well-being policy, you want a measurable impact and a clear overview of the measures taken. You also need a convenient way to report to management. Take place in the central cockpit of your well-being policy: the well-organised dashboards of your Wellbeing Assistance platform provide a clear overview of all well-being efforts at any moment. How involved are your employees? Do they work during the day or at night? Which teams are the most active? What are the test results like? Which programmes or coaches have the most impact? All information you need to answer these questions and to keep the finger on the pulse is always available.


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Aaltje van der Zee
People Sustainability Expert

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