Tremors: The rise of w(h)ealthcare

February 24, 2023



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In our Trend Report 2023 ‘Wellbeing&Sustainability’, we draw a roadmap for companies towards a successful and sustainable future. Trendwatcher Herman Konings brings that future into the present with this blog series, using some notable international trends.

In this blog: The rise of w(h)ealthcare

With more and more radical changes taking place simultaneously due to economic, environmental, social, political, scientific and even biological tremors, linear scenarios can no longer be talked about. The global economic, political and environmental system is collapsing, our biological and business systems are mutating, and new forms of work, life and coexistence are emerging. All this is changing our world in profound ways.

Biotech boom

We are witnessing changes that will lead to a ‘biotech boom’ that will be more advanced and culturally challenging than the ‘dotcom boom’ of the 2000s. New growth sectors such as bioinformatics, nanotechnology, stem cell technology, artificial intelligence and blockchain and quantum technology are emerging; ‘w(h)ealthcare’ as a new economic and lifestyle model that sees our health as a new measure of wealth; social capitalism as the new standard model for trade in the West; China as a capitalist world power; new, modified crops that we use to develop vaccines, and so on…

Read the full Trend Report here.


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