B-Tonic helps organisations increase wellbeing at work. We do this through advice, training and a whole set of science-based tests and scans. Thanks to a strategic and sustainable wellbeing policy, we improve the mental and physical health of employers and their employees. As a strategic wellbeing partner, we work both preventively and solution-oriented. As a result, wellbeing becomes the lever for increasing employee motivation, connectivity and also productivity. Because an employee who is motivated and comfortable in their skin propels a company towards success.

Our wellbeing solutions

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Employees who feel comfortable in their skin are better employees and propel the company towards success.

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Wellbeing coaching

Our certified coaches in various fields can support both you as a business owner and your employees through an online consultation.

Wellbeing assistance

Wellbeing assistance cares for people in their most difficult days. We help and support companies and their employees when confronted with a major event.

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Advice and company scans

Do you want to get an accurate view of the physical, mental and professional fitness of your team and/or organisation? Here you will find quick and useful tests.


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Our superpower

Wellbeing works, truly

Employees who feel comfortable in their skin are better employees and propel the company towards success.

Scientifically substantiated

Health is a craft. Every day we are advised, inspired and supported by a team of specialists and their scientific expertise in their field. 

Integrated approach

Human beings are complex creatures and organisations need to consider their physical, mental and social wellbeing. B-Tonic considers both the person and their environment, and thus works at both personal and organisational level. 

Practical programmes

We build feasible and practical programmes tailored to the wishes and needs of each organisation. The participants can start working immediately, so the effect of the programme is quickly noticeable within the organisation as well.

Our five cornerstones

Scientific knowhow proves that wellbeing at work covers all aspects in life. That is why our B-Tonic programmes always focus on these five cornerstones: healthy working, healthy thinking, healthy exercise, healthy eating and healthy recuperation. 

B-Tonic (*) is an initiative of Baloise Insurance. Why? Simple. Because we want to be not only an insurance company but a health company as well. With protection for your assets. But also with great commitment to everyone’s physical and mental health.

(*) B-Tonic is not an insurance company, but a subsidiary of Baloise Insurance.

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