Wellbeing assistance helps companies and their employees to process trauma. It is specifically for people who have suffered a shocking or traumatic incident, such as an aggressive situation or threat, break-in, fire, (traffic) accident… Trauma counselling can help them, individually or as part of a group, with professional support and guidance from an experienced psychologist or psychotherapist.

Could an employee benefit from personal counselling? Or is there a need for group support?

This self-scan, based on the ‘Impact of event scale-revised (IES-R)’, assesses the extent to which your employee’s emotional wellbeing is affected by a shocking incident, and advises whether they could benefit from professional help.

Baloise Insurance provides trauma counselling for claims involving people under the age of 26. In addition to our legal and contractual commitments in damages cases, we also fulfil our social and personal duties to ensure everything is as smooth as possible for the affected family. This means we fully respect the code of conduct for children’s accident claims, regardless of the type of insurance (civil liability, own damage or legal aid), from the moment the insurance company is informed that the claim involves a traffic accident victim under the age of 26.