National Volunteering and Neighborhood Assistance Congress: February 22, 2024!

February 22, 2024


Trend report 2024: ‘Wellbeing & Sustainability’

Trendrapport 2024: ‘Wellbeing & Sustainability’ Download the Trend Report 2024 here. ‘Well-being & Sustainability’ Yes, please! Wellbeing & Sustainability The social weight of ESG in...

Give a Day’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

On February 22, 2024, Give a Day invites you to the National Volunteering and Neighborhood Assistance Congress at Bluepoint Brussels. It’s a day filled with knowledge, exchange, and connection, where you can create your own program. Experience parallel exchanges, theoretical lessons, workshops, and interactive networking sessions between municipalities, volunteer organizations, schools, and companies. The goal is clear: increase engagement and impact in Belgium. We want to involve everyone in the pursuit of a warm and connected society.

Your interest is crucial! Help us determine the size of the congress center and find partners. Target audience: policymakers, volunteer coaches, CSR managers, and more.

Did you know?

Did you know that Give a Day brings together charities, volunteers, companies, schools, and municipalities through concrete volunteer projects and community participation initiatives? Their commitment is focused on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for a more sustainable future! And here’s something interesting: the keynote by Siviglia Berto at the National Volunteering and Neighborhood Assistance Congress is no coincidence. It emphasizes the crucial role of sustainability and social involvement in creating positive impact. Don’t miss it!

Keynote by Siviglia Berto (B-Tonic): “The ‘S’ in ESG: the key to sustainable success.” Discover the power of sustainability and social involvement. Your commitment is the key to positive change!

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Download the Trend Report 2024: 'Well-being & Sustainability'

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