How do you keep your employees happy, motivated and productive?

October 24, 2023


Example well-being policy

Example well-being policy Download an example well-being policy Yes, please! Employees with a high degree of hybrid work are less at risk of a burnout....

Good work goal 5: Happy work ensures happy and productieve employees

At the heart of a thriving company you will find happy employees. A happy work environment is not only good for morale, but it also boosts a company’s productivity and success.

As the safety and well-being of employees is our number one priority, Antwerp Management School defined the Good work goals in collaboration with B-Tonic. These are the 10 key points of action that should drive every company’s sustainable well-being policy. With this, we want to emphasise that good working conditions are a demonstrable responsibility not only in times of stability and prosperity, but also – and even more so – in times of crisis and recovery.

The Good work goals aspire to a working environment that is safer, healthier, more resilient, more inclusive, happier, more balanced, more sustainable, more supportive, more meaningful and more responsible. By proposing a series of actions in each of these 10 areas, the Good work goals show the path employers can take to ensure a good working environment for their employees.

Simple and efficient tips for increased employee satisfaction

Within the Good work goal ‘Happy work’, we encourage a work environment that prioritises job satisfaction, employee fulfillment and team culture. Do you want your business to grow and prosper? Here are some simple and effective tips to make your employees come to work with a smile:

  • Create a culture of appreciation

Everyone likes to be recognised for their work. As a company, make sure you build a culture of appreciation. Recognise and reward the efforts of your employees, whether they are big successes or small achievements. A simple thank you or pat on the back can do wonders.

  • Provide flexibility and balance

In an increasingly busy world, your employees value a good work-life balance. If possible, offer flexible working hours or work-from-home options.

  • Offer opportunities for growth

Employees stay motivated when they can feel they can progress in their careers. Offer trainings, workshops and growth opportunities within the company. Encourage your employees to learn new skills and broaden their knowledge. This makes them feel appreciated and keeps them motivated to do their best.

  • Promote a positive working environment

A healthy and positive work environment is crucial for your employees’ happiness. Create an open culture where communication is encouraged, ideas are valued and feedback is welcome. Organise fun team-building activities and social events to strengthen team spirit and strengthen bonds between colleagues.

Do you want motivated and productive employees? Request our People Sustainability Scan today and take the first step towards a happy working environment.

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